Tuesday, April 28, 2009


How big is God to you?? He's Almighty God, even if you fail to see Him that way.
Has your perception of Him been wrong? Have you focused on the struggles & pains of life that they have
become bigger in your life than God? He is over all, the Creator of everything!
But if you don't see Him like that, you are not seeing Him. You need to MAGNIFY GOD in your life.
when you do, everything else will shrink in comparison.
How do you magnify Him? By seeking Him & shrinking everything else in life that keeps you from Him.
To magnify something, you must--
*draw near for a closer look
*examine & study & investigate
*enlarge & increase
*declare, show greatness & glory
*increase esteem His reputation & Authority
Psalm 46:10; Psalm 34:3; Job Chapters 36 thru 42
When we magnify Jesus, everything else shrinks in comparison. Have you been magnifying your problems?
Then wondering why things aren't getting better? Magnify your Answer & Source of all things...Jesus Christ.
*Job 36:7 "He doesn't withdraw His eyes from the righteous"
Jesus Christ is Soverign, He knows all, sees all & He cares. You are never out of His sight! So when He allows certain things to come into your life--He has a PURPOSE for it. You can trust Him to know what He is doing!
Jesus loves you with a passion! He can intervene in your situation anytime He wants, anyway He wants, when
He allows certain things to happen, it is for a reason. Praise Him in all things!
God allowed satan to test Job. Even satan has to get God's permission before he can act! He can't go any further than God permits! Sometimes we suffer to improve us & to glorify God. Job was a righteous man, but still had this happen to him. God never tells him why. Job even tried to "defend himself" because of self-righteousness. He questioned God's fairness. He accused God. God allows us to ask Him questions, but be careful how you question God! Job Chapters 38-41 God challenges Job! Then Job repents in Job 42:1-6.
Job thought he KNEW GOD. But now, he REALLY "sees" Him!
God is God & we are not! He is right & just everytime! We can rest in Him & praise Him!
If not, change your focus & see His Glory
Job 2:10; Psalm 138:2;Psalm 34:3; Psalm 69:30;Acts 19:17; Psalm 35:37;Psalm 40:16; 1 Chr. 17:24;
2 Samuel 7:26; Genesis 19:19; 2 Samuel 22:47; Psalm 148:13; Acts 5: 30-31; Psalm 70:4

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