Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Consider this--Jeremiah 2:30 "In vain, I have chastened your children, they receive NO CORRECTION", your sword has devoured your prophets like a destroying lion"
Why? Because there's NO TRANSFORMATION of the HOLY SPIRIT in their heart's!!
Job 11:10 "If He passes by, IMPRISONS & gathers to JUDGMENT, then who can hinder Him?"
Job 12:14 "If He breaks a thing down, it cannot be rebuilt; if He IMPRISONS a man, there can be
Job 19:7 " If I cry out concerning wrong, I am not heard, if I cry aloud, there is NO JUSTICE!"
Jeremiah 2:17 & 19 "Have you not brought this on yourself, in that you have FORSAKEN the LORD
your GOD?"
Consider-- Psalm 103:10 " He has NOT dealt with us according to our sins, nor punished us according to our iniquities".
Job 11:6 "....Know therefore, that GOD exacts from you LESS THAN your iniquity DESERVES!"
BY JESUS CHRIST, you receive MERCY & GRACE, through the CROSS of Christ.
He paid for your penalty of sin on the cross. Offering you a paid in full, PARDON. But you have to
accept His forgiveness & surrender all to Him. The pardon is a free gift, but it is not truly yours, until you accept it!
Our prison systems used to be called a "HOUSE OF CORRECTION", where offenders could receive the "PROCESS of CORRECTING", where their punishment was intended to REHABILITATE & IMPROVE their lives. Rehabiltate means to "restore to good condition"; it was the "restoratation" of someone to a useful place in society.
Something has gone terribly wrong here! The prison system no longer tries to correct or restore. It has become just a "warehouse" of human lives, where profits $ are made on the mistakes of others.
We are all to blame, because as a society for the most part, we have locked them up & thrown away the key!
But what happens when this occurs to your mother, father, son or daughter?? Suddenly, there is concern!
They are all someone's family. How can we expect them to change, & be restored to society, if we offer them no support, no programs, no education, no jobs, no skills to help them once released?
Most offenders will be released at some point & will come live next door to YOU. Don't you want them to
be a productive member of society by then, & not just "criminial released from a cage?
There must be an inner spiritual change in the hearts of men & women for real transformation to occur.
We must continue to offer our prisons, faith based opportunities, to change their negative behaviors, & to
heal their wounds, & the hurts of their past. So they can be prepared for their future.
Jesus Christ has changed many lives behind the bars, I have witnessed it myself personally. I know He works! Let's continue on with what is working, & change what is not.
Change must come to the System, & it must start at the top before it can reach down to the "least of these"
Churches also must become "ex-offender friendly". Putting their faith in action, to love & receive those
releasing from prison, to provide a wrap-around, service to them. To end the revolving door on our prisons.
We must all receive CORRECTION today, then reach out to those around us.

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