Friday, April 17, 2009

Women in Prison

Oklahoma is #1 in incarcerating women in prison! #4 in domestic violence against women!
WHY? We need to also be #1 in Restorative Justice! Prison Ministry is important to Jesus Christ, it should be important to us! Outreach into prisons should be a top priority for every church! It is a terrible thing when dad's go to prison, but mom is usually still there to care for the
children! But...when momma goes to prison! Where do the children go? They get left behind!
Into foster care, many times left in the care of strangers who don't care about them. Or they
get raised by grandparents. Which is a burden that should not be put upon them.
Do you have a prison ministry in Oklahoma, let me hear from you.
Around the nation there are many wonderful prison ministries, are you one of them?
I want to network with you, in order to find resources to help those inmates that I am
connected with.
Women in prison in Oklahoma {and other states}, need more volunteers to come in and mentor them, plus more programs to help restore them back to their children.
The system is broken and if we don't rise up to help find solutions for the problems ..people will continue to fall between the cracks. This is wrong!
Could you correspond with inmates?
Would you volunteer to mentor?
Will you pray for prisoners & their families?
Share you stories with me if you have a loved one serving time
let me hear from you!

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