Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Prison Ministry Christmas Project

Christmas in prison is not a good thing!! Most prisoners are forgotten by friends and family. Prison is a lonely place. Regardless of why or how a person got there, they are still human beings, deserving of respect, and dignity. This prison ministry networks with other local volunteers, to raise $$ funds to provide a Christmas Hygiene Sack to over 1250 women in prison in Oklahoma. We need your help! Each woman receives a sack with 7 items: shampoo; conditioner; body wash; purse size kleenix, toothbrush; toothpaste; & deodorant. This project is a huge undertaking! We need at least 8750 items to fulfill this mission. If we lack one item the project gets cancelled, because no woman can be left out, nor would we want to miss giving a sack to anyone.
Your $$ donations are needed to make this mission a success again this year. At a time, when finances are harder to come by, still we must reach our goal for these women.
Any support you can give will be a blessing. Jesus will reward you as you care for the "least of
Consider giving a donation in the amount you would want to give if it was your daughter or
mother sitting in prison waiting on you to help.
You are blessed to be a blessing...will you bless these women ?
Thanks in advance for your support of women in prison!

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