Saturday, June 20, 2009


This prison ministry needs your help all throughout the year, but especially during Christmas
We are gathering $$ donations $$ now, in order to purchase over 8750 hygiene items
{shampoo;conditioner;body wash;deodorant;toothpaste;toothbrush;purse size kleenix}for
1250 women in prison. This is a HUGE PROJECT!! It can't be accomplished without the
donations of caring and compassionate people who support this type of ministry.
Will you consider helping with a donation today. Please also pray for this ministry.
In addition, there is a need for $$ donations to supply small food items, for 2 Christmas parties
that we will be able to have for these women. Just a little something to make them feel special
during the holiday season. We will be providing cupcakes, soft drinks, small bags of candy,
plus paper items {napkins, paper plates, etc}. These parties will be 2 hours of fun, food, &
fellowship for the women. A time that they can forget for a short time where they are at.
We will also have a guest speaker & music. Will you help with a donation to make these parties
a success?
Throughout the year, this ministry receives hundreds of letters from men & women in prison around the nation who desire correspondence from Christian people. Will you volunteer to be a
Mentor by Mail to someone serving time behind bars? There is so many requests coming in to
this ministry, that I can no longer answer all the mail myself. I need your assistance!
If you feel the Lord calling you into a letter ministry to inmates, please contact me now!
Sending a card or letter only costs 42 cents and it means so much to a lonely soul in prison.
Please consider helping, by praying and sending a donation and volunteering your time to
serve the Lord in this prison ministry. Thanks for your prayers & God bless you

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