Sunday, July 19, 2009


Everyone is talking "change" these days! Sometimes it can be overwhelming, when we
think about what can one person do. This prison ministry knows that one person can be
a mighty force when Jesus Christ works in us. One person added together with others
can become a force for "change" in any setting.

As Christmas is fast approaching, my mind wonders what can this giving season bring
for those in prison. With so many out of work, myself included, so many in financial crisis,
there are so many needs that our giving could "change".

What can a penny, nickel, dime buy today? No much! But what can all those coins do when
they are united together! Rich people became so by saving every coin they could, saving

their "change" until it added up to a large sum.
That is why I am starting a project called "CHANGE FOR PRISON".
It is a simple project really, if everyone reading this would just get a jar, bucket, cup,
any container, and start collecting their spare "change" each day.
Then when the containers are full, donate those collections to this prison ministry.
Those pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, etc will help purchase hygiene products for 1200 women in prison, {shampoo;conditioner;body wash;small kleenix;roll on deodorant;toothpaste;
toothbrush}.The amount of products needed for this project=8750.
For the amount of your spare "change" each day, we can meet this need in time for
Plus this project "CHANGE FOR PRISON" will continue throughout the year, to continue to

provide Bibles to inmates who request them, good Christian books, Bible studies,
to purchase postage stamps in order to answer all the letters that those in prison send in
asking for Christian mentors.
Project "CHANGE FOR PRISON", is a easy project, for you to get your children involved in
missions as a family; and for church Sunday School classes to allow children, teens and adults to
be involved in mission giving for a very worthy cause.
Consider "CHANGE FOR PRISON" in your Christmas giving this year and throughout the year.
Let's bring a positive "change" into the lives of those in prison, one penny, one nickel, one dime, one quarter at a time. Your spare "change" will be "CHANGE FOR PRISON"
Thank you in advance ...for a "change" is coming!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your sweet heart. We should all consider the field which can be harvested in the prison ministry. Most of the people there are themselves a product of abuse, marginalization and crime. I pray that the LORD would bring forth faithful workers into these fields and that His glory will shine in these dark corners.