Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Prisoners Need You!

This prison ministry gets daily requests from prisoners all over
the nation, asking for someone to correspond with them.
Prison is a lonely place. Many times friends & family forget
about their loved one serving time. Even those who still
hear from their families, still need the encouragement
of caring Christians to lift up their spirits. Daily mail call
is a discouraging event for many, who never hear their
name. So many never, ever get a single letter or card
from their families. This is true for year after year.
How would you like to serve 20, 30, life in prison, &
never get one letter from your mother, father, child?
This happens to inmates in prison today.
Will you volunteer to write & mentor an inmate in your
area? There are prisoners waiting in prisons all over the
country. They are waiting for you to send them a card.
Many so-called "pen-pal" groups, post ads on the web
for the inmate asking for romantic match ups. That is
NOT what this ministry does! Jesus is the only One
who I refer them to. Jesus is all they need.
Will you join me to offer Christian friendship &
fellowship to a lonely person sitting in a prison cell
23 hours a day? Contact me immediately.
Jesus commands us to visit the prisoner
will you?

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