Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You Are His Passion!

Everyone has heard & seen the movie, The Passion of the Christ. Jesus suffered so much,
because of our sins. Much has been said about His "passion", which describes His actual
sufferings. But at the heart of it all, YOU are HIS PASSION!! He suffered it all because
YOU WERE ON HIS MIND & in HIS HEART! (we all were). He suffered, was mocked,
beaten, spit on, whipped beyond recognition, then had to carry that heavy cross through
the streets, through the crowd, just to be nailed to that very cross at Calvary!
He took those nails for YOU, for all of us. He let them beat Him. He shed His precious
blood, that was smeared through the streets that day, just so He could bear the burden of
YOUR sins, & mine, on that cross. He didn't have to, He wanted to because He loved us so
much. No one killed Jesus, He laid down His life pay for YOUR freedom, &
forgiveness. To give YOU mercy & grace. We were all there that day, when He was
Which part did we each play?...Peter, who denied Jesus 3 times? Judas, who betrayed
Him for cheap money? Pilate, who tried to wash his hands of the whole matter!
The Jewish religious crowd, who were so "religious" that they couldn't recognize their own
Savior! Or Thomas, who doubted. Plus all the others who forsook Him & ran for their lives!
What about His mother, Mary, watching her Son, suffer & die. What horror she must have
felt, what brokeness, & sorrow. What part do you see yourself playing? What part are we
all playing? Are we running TO Him or running away from Him. Are we turning away &
denying or are we dropping at His feet, accepting His forgiveness & mercy.
Can you see yourself there that day? Do you see His blood on your hands?
Just as Pilate couldn't "wash" it all away, neither can we!
Just like the crowd, who followed His bloody footprints through the streets that day;
we too must follow Him. His sacrifice demands that we make a choice.
There is no looking away, no denying what happened. Jesus' blood will either wash us
clean or condemn us on Judgment Day. We must all accept His blood as payment for our
sins, or try to pay for our sins on our own, which will bring eternity in Hell. We must all
make our choice about what happened that day. Jesus' blood is crying out...
L lOVE YOU ...I LOVE YOU! Just as His Passion was us ...we must make Him our
passion! We must not turn away from Him again! He wants us to run into His open arms
receiving the grace & mercy we so desperately need.
Run into His love, Run to the cross!
His shed blood demands we make a!

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