Friday, October 2, 2009

Source Of Truth

What is your source of Truth? Do you consider truth "flexible" where it bends to your situation?
Do you feel truth is only what matters to you? Your belief about truth is what causes your
behavior, good or bad. If you believe negative things as truth, then you will act out in a negative way
but if you believe in a positive manner about things, your actions will improve.
Truth is not based on feelings, or situations, or opinions. Truth is ABSOLUTE, God is Truth.
Truth does not change because we don't like the outcome. Truth is a Person, JESUS CHRIST!
His Word, the Bible, is His Truth written down for us to obey and live by.
Truth is true regardless whether we try to change it, or don't believe in it.
Sin in the world, and in our lives is what has caused all the wrongs in the world.
Wrong beliefs lead to confused thinking which leads to sinful behaviors.
Sometimes those behaviors lead someone to prison. A prison of sin, and a
real prison behind bars. When we receive no correction from God or anyone else
we stay imprisoned ...Only Jesus Christ can correct wrong mindsets
by transforming our minds through His Word the Bible.
If you are imprisoned by wrong attitudes, thoughts, actions, etc and tired of living in a
wilderness mentality, surrender your whole life to Jesus who will save your soul, but
also deliver and free your mind.
Everything True and real comes from Jesus Christ.
His Truth will absolutely change your life for the better!

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