Monday, December 21, 2009

Removing Governor From Parole Process

Oklahoma is the only state remaining, that still has the Governor involved in our
parole process! We need an admendment to our state constitution, a vote of the people, to stop this. Oklahoma could save over $40 MILLION over the next 10 years just by removing the Governor from the process of parole. Right now, he must sign EVERY parole, computation, clemency. This is a waste of time, & a waste of taxpayer dollars, by keeping people in prison, after the Pardon & Parole Board has recommended them for release. I personally know a woman who was
approved for parole by the Board, then sat almost 1 year longer in prison until the
Governor got around to signing her approval. This is wrong. If someone is approved for parole...they need to be released as soon as possible!!
Why keep someone in prison after they have been approved for parole?
This process of making them wait until the Governor gets around to approving their release, is unjust & is just a money game.
Our prisons are over crowded now, Dept. of Corrections have been making budget cuts up to 10%. IF the Governor was removed from this process, then those who are suppose to be released, would be released. Which would ease overcrowding. Plus save our state a bunch of money that could be better spent for restorative justice & programs with true rehabilitation in order to improve lives. Preparing those for release ahead of time, so they will be ready when the Parole Board opens the gates for them.
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