Friday, January 22, 2010

A Voice To Impact Others!

   I just know that there are many kids, just like me, that did not have the mother I did. Sometimes, the church forgets that they were never exposed to God. I feel like He would not punish
a child who never had the chance to get the word.
My cousin’s father has been in jail, all his life, which has caused
him much suffering.
All I mean by saying not everyone will go to Hell because there’s many children that were hurt, which blocks them from
receiving. It hurts me to think that they would be punished for
their fathers’ mistake.
I love your work, just keep an open heart because you never
know someone’s story. Only God knows His plan.
Thank you so much, so many people forget about the children,
they forget about the pain the children go through.
I have been so ashamed of my father’s choices, but now I
So many forget that there is a lot of suffering & pain going on
within prisons & because of prison. I know people commit crimes, that is their choice. But the children did not ask to be
born. They never had a say~~~they just got sucked into it.

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