Tuesday, April 6, 2010


What is justice?
The quality of being just,fairness,conformity to moral righteousness in action
& attitude.

The greatest problem of jurisprudence is to allow freedom while enforcing order.
Now the real problem is that we are warehousing people instead of doing "corrections".

Prisons were intended to be a "house of correction"--{to set in place a process of
correcting,intended to rehabilitate & improve offenders. To restore someone to a useful

place in society.} We are a long way from restoring hurting people back to their useful
place. Jeremiah 2:30 "..they receive no correction", why? because there is no
transformation of the Holy Spirit in their heart!
It is God who shuts & opens doors, even prison doors. Job 11:10 "if He passes by, imprisons
& gathers to judgment, then who can hinder Him?"
Job 12:14 "If He breaks a thing down, it cannot be rebuilt, if He imprisons a man,
there can be no release!"
The Bible speaks of Justice 135 times! But Job 11:6 says "know therefore that God exacts

from you less than your iniquity deserves!" Psalm 103:10 "He has not dwelt with us
according to our sins, nor punished us according to our iniquities."
Further study reveals the Bible speaks of prison 125 times; prisoner 40 times;
pardon 18 times;correction 18 times;case 36 times; acquitted 4 times.
GOD IS JUSTICE! But He is also Mercy, Grace & Forgiveness!
Jesus Christ is our Judge; our Advocate; & our Defense.
We have all broken God's laws, our sins separated us from Him. God is Holy, He
must judge sin, as our Judge He pronounced our death sentence. Then as our
Defense, He sacrificed Himself on the cross in our place, taking our punishment,

purchasing our pardon. He freely did this out of His great love for us.
No one else ever died for us, was buried, then rose again from the dead, proving He

has the Power & Authority to deliver us & justify us, reconciling us back to Himself.
How do we receive this free pardon that He has provided? We confess our sins, turn
from them, asking Him into our lives as Savior & Lord, asking for His forgiveness.
Asking the Holy Spirit to draw us to Him through conviction, so we can turn from sin
to Christ. Then obeying Him, & living for Him, walking with Him each day as He

There is NO other Savior but JESUS CHRIST. He is JUSTICE! Throw yourself
on His Mercy & allow Him to bring correction into your life.

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