Tuesday, March 13, 2012



 Oh, LORD, I pray, teach me to be…
       devoted to You.
Let my EARS, hear Your Voice, to listen & do
       so I can be devoted to You.
Focus my EYES toward You, set my sight on Your vision
        to be devoted to You.
May Your healing touch, flow through my HANDS
to touch others with compassion & be
        devoted to You.
Oh, LORD, place my FEET in Your footsteps, that I
will walk where You say go, in this journey of faith, so
every step will be
        devoted to You.
Open my MOUTH to speak Your Words, let my LIPS sing
Your praises & my worship be
        devoted to You.
Melt my HEART, in Your passion, into a new heart, moved by what moves You, my every heartbeat
        devoted to You.
Renew my MIND, to think Your thoughts, to pursue purposes that please You, a CHRIST-centered mind
        devoted to You.
Oh, LORD, transform my life, my body, soul & spirit
so I can be totally devoted to You.
It’s my desire, oh, LORD, help me, make me
        devoted to You.
Change me, mold me, shape me
        in devotion to You.
                ```written by Linda O’Dell  2003







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