Monday, March 17, 2014


I remember a few years back,, when the Lord was speaking heavily about prison ministry,,and things going on behind the scenes,,and one day He brought a woman to me that I did not know, and had never seen before, she met me, at church of all places, and we went in a side room, and she was hysterically crying,, I had no idea why, and she ended up telling me a few serious things that Christ needed her to say about another person. And how she was 'sorry' and asking me to forgive her and I had no idea why.. Christ had not revealed the details completely. But I assured her yes she was forgiven and that Christ loved her. And after about 30 mins of her confessing to me the things Christ sent her to say...she left. I never to this day ever saw her again. And the details around why she came, and what she said, really only meant something to the other person. But Christ sent her to me. 
She came, she gave the message and she left. A Divine encounter that was given to me for someone else. Then I never saw her again
have you ever had an 'encounter"?

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