Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Prison Testimony....

(just received this in the mail today from one of my ladies at the prison).....
" God is so good! Everything happens for a reason. There was a young girl here who hung herself,,,but a guard found her in time and revived her!
She was in medical for awhile and in the meantime, I was on the move sheet to move to the other side of the yard. 
As the Lord worked it out, when I moved to a new cell, then this girl who tried to kill herself was moved into my cell as my roommate.
Something happened 2 nights ago,,, we faced her demon! I was consumed by the Holy Spirit and I was praying over her, when she belched, and we saw the demon fly from her mouth and out the door!!!
When I finished praying for her, and God said it was done, ,, she looked at me and started crying, and said 'it's gone'!
I was covered in sweat and wore out,, but prayed again over myself and her that the demon didn't return to attach itself again.
This happening, made me realize why God has me here,, to do His work.
Many other things have happened but I wanted to share this one.
Glory to God..."

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