Sunday, June 1, 2014

WOW!! do you know that you can be a MISSIONARY without leaving home?
it's true! you can go to the MISSION FIELD and never get out of your comfort zone!! how you ask? through the mail! for the cost of a postage stamp you can travel across the nation, touching lives, impacting hearts, and changing your life in the process! you can be OBEDIENT TO CHRIST at the same time, since He says to GO to PRISONERS and visit! He commands us to go... will you ?
For the cost of a stamp you can go NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, AND WEST for JESUS!!! You always wanted to go on a MISSIONS TRIP but didn't have the time or money,, or you don't like to travel or fly on airplanes,,, get car sick, don't want to ride a bike... well now you too can GO FOR JESUS!!!
like the poney express of older days,, you can communicate with people nationwide,,... you have the POWER OF THE PEN!! Use it for JESUS!!
Prison Ministry needs your HELP!!!
more than one volunteer can write the same inmate also.. they need many encouragers.
please don't say you can't do it, or that you don't have time,, how much time does it take to get a sheet of paper or a card and write God bless you on it and sign your name, address an envelope and stamp it and drop it in the mail...its a done deal! PLEASE HELP THE MINISTRY !!! LET ME HEAR FROM YOU
thank you in advance

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