Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Prison Jericho March

Just thinking today of all the interesting experiences I have had during prison ministry in these past 16 years so far
one that stands out in particular was on April 30, 2000.
Mike Barber Prison Ministry team came to our women's prison, had a 3 day service event
h some of the women and aired it 
worldwide on their Proclaim program on TBN.On this date, the Lord allowed us to do something unheard of for a prison!
A literal JERICHO MARCH around the prison!!! Due to security at a maximum prison, this never  happens!!
But God!
About 400 of the women offenders and maybe 30 volunteers, I was one of them. Gathered outside on the prison yard and we formed a huge line and we literally marched around the prison 7 times!
The first 6 times we were silent, no one made a sound except for our shoes on the pavement.
We prayed for God to take over the prison, for the grounds to become Holy ground, that for every day in the future anyone walking onto that yard would feel Jesus' presence.
One the 7th time, just like Joshua, at Jericho...we clapped, we stomped our feet, we screamed praises to Jesus as loud as we could. Claiming the whole place for the Lord. It was a sight to behold and it was life changing.
I know that was no accident, God allowed us to do this on purpose for His Glory and purposes.
The film of us was aired on TBN shown worldwide.
I have always known God is doing something big at this facility...sometimes it's not always visible to the naked eye but spiritually you can see it and feel it.
We went on later and did 2 more marches.
God is so good to allow this event to happen...I have never heard of any prison anywhere else that would allow 400 inmates and a group of outsiders to group up and march anywhere. They usually consider that kind of thing a build up for a riot. Well let me tell you that day we had a Holy Spirit RIOT and we scared the devil out.
Praise Jesus for His goodness

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