Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Another Testimony

Another prison testimony...... 
As a prison volunteer for 17 years now, I have had the pleasure and God's favor to be involved in many areas of prison ministry...God has opened alot of doors for me.
A couple of years ago, I was involved in assisting with various classes in the Faith and Character dorm.. and one day I came in to get ready for a class of about 200 women, and as always I would walk around and speak to the various women, and one woman at first was a little stand offish as later she would tell me that I was the first volunteer to ever personally take time to speak to her... anyway this woman had a hard look to her face when I first met her. A darkness about her, but every week I would greet her and talk to her and tell her about Christ and His love for her. One day she revealed to me that she was a Wiccan. And that most of the Christian volunteers were scared of her and would avoid her when they found out. Well, it did not bother me at all, I just kept talking to her as I would anyone and one day the Lord impressed me to buy this woman a very nice Bible with her name imprinted in gold. So I did, and the next time i went to do the class, I presented it to her, and even though she was Wiccan at the time she accepted the Bible with a smile, and said no one ever had given her a gift so nice. Well as time went on, each week I kept greeting this woman etc, and I watched a transformation take place, she told me she was reading the Bible and that God was speaking to her! I would notice when I saw her that she started to get a 'glow' about her and a sparkle in her once dark eyes. One day I walked into the class and she hold me she had given her heart to Christ in her cell the night before!! Praise Jesus!
She was full of joy and happiness and the darkness was gone...she had one last 'hurdle' to tackle. for years as a Wiccan she wore a pentagram necklace and it had a 'hold' on her. She told me she was scared to remove this necklace because the devil had lied to her and told her she would drop dead if she ever removed it. But when she came to Christ then one night in her cell she got down on her knees and prayed to Christ and then removed that necklace..and of course, nothing happened to her! Except freedom!! Praise Jesus He is still in the miracle saving buisness. And all this happened to the woman because I took the time to be kind to her in the name of Christ.

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