Monday, January 2, 2017

An Interesting Thing Happened

A Interesting Thing That Happened....
Back in 1998 a relative on my husband's side of the family, got wrongly convicted, that is a really long story by itself, 
and so very many things happened surrounding this situation that happened to the family as well as it was the
catalyst that God used to get me into prison ministry.
But this one day back in 2001, I had attended a women's event and I ended up meeting this one woman 
who I had never seen before which is not unusal but what was unusal was that the next day was Sunday
and this woman who had never attended our church in the past, showed up.
And after the service she was crying uncontrollably, almost hysterical. I was suprised but did not know her
or what was wrong.
Then she asked to speak to me, so I said okay, and we went into a side room.
Still she cried so hard she almost couldn't speak!
But through her labored breathing and sobs she started asking me to forgive her,
that she did something horrible to our family, concerning the relative who was by then in prison wrongly convicted.
I could not figure out why she was asking me to forgive her as I had never met her
before. But I told her yes I forgave her for whatever it was that had her so upset.
She was so uncontrollably crying she just asked for forgiveness over and over and
I could not get her to reveal the details of what she had done.
I could guess some things but had no proof.
So as suddenly as she came, she left, and I never saw her ever again to this day.
I had told her if she had wronged the relative in prison she needed to go to authorities to make it right.
She never did. Long long story short , she played a small part in the relatives case but was not the real
guilty party that caused her to serve 7 years of a 12 year sentence while innocent.
But this day was just one of many strange events, some supernatural, some just strange that has
happened in the years of prison ministry. I never saw this woman prior to her coming to me
and I have no idea why she thought she needed to apologize to me instead of someone else in the
family and I never saw her or heard her name ever again after this meeting.
Sometimes life is stranger than fiction.

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