Monday, January 2, 2017

When A Wiccan Comes To Christ

In 18 years of prison ministry so far, I have seen a lot of amazing things. Heard lots of stories that would make you laugh, or cry or both, and some that would shock you. But one I really remember is a few years ago, when I was assisting with a Discipleship / Bible study class in the Faith and Character Unit. Each week we held the class for about 200 women, I would always make the rounds and greet the ladies before class started. One lady stood out, she was tall, dark hair, and black ‘dead’ eyes. But I greeted her just as all the others and took time to personally speak to her. Each week I would especially seek her out and at first she was guarded and standoffish. But as the weeks went by she started to greet me and smile. She would start to tell me about herself. She was Wiccan. And said that she was instantly amazed that first day that I even spoke to her. She said most Christians are afraid of her. I wasn’t. As we kept up our talks each week I would tell her why she needed Jesus and she would tell me more about her life. One day I felt strongly that I should buy her a Bible and have her name printed on it in gold. So I did. And the next week I gave it to her... She accepted it right away. And promised to read it. I gave her some Scriptures to start with... Long story short a week or two later she told me that she gave her heart to Christ in her cell. But one thing,,, she had worn a pentagram necklace around her neck for years... she was scared to remove it as she literally thought the devil would kill her. I told her that Christ was stronger etc. and the next week she came in smiling,, glowing, joy in her eyes, she had prayed to Christ, and gave her fear to Him then took off the necklace...and of course nothing at all happened. She was so excited that she was free and out of bondage. Praise the Lord

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