Thursday, January 13, 2022

Gifts Charities Inc

 Gifts Charities Inc. 

212 E. Main

Shawnee Oklahoma 74801

This is the 501(c)3 non profit that I am a proud Board Member.  

This ministry is the one we oversee our projects, services and ministry at MBCC.

*Weekly Mentoring Program ongoing for 22 yrs.

*College Education putting select women through college by purchasing their textbooks and paying their tuition until they graduate.  Then we select more to continue to help support their education. 

*Annual Christmas Hygiene Project for entire population. 

*Annual Christmas party for our Mentor Program.

* Donation of Bibles, Christian books, Bible Studies.

*Many other things as needs arise & facility calls on us to assist. 

*We are supported by donations of caring individuals & churches & businesses. 

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Christmas video

 This link shows the video of our women at MBCC getting the Christmas gifts we provided for them!

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Death Penalty

 Oklahoma executing another prisoner today....

Reminds me sadly about years ago .....Kimberly an inmate in Texas ...quite a few years ago and I corresponded with her regularly by mail for years. Her past had been drugs and wrong men and a horrible crime.

BUT GOD! She was saved  and totally transformed by Christ in prison...she was a beautiful woman of God for years. She ministered to her fellow inmates.  She mentored the new arrivals and Younger women. 

She inspired the staff and all who knew her by her love of Christ and how she extended His love to all. Media and other ministries would interview her for her amazing testimony etc.

Then one day I got her "goodbye" letter. Telling me Texas was going to be executing her. And she wanted to say goodbye and thank me for our friendship and love we shared.

Heart breaking! She was a different person than the one from the past. But she took the decision for them to execute her with the Grace of Christ because she knew she would be immediately in His Presence!

I was so heart broken but I will see her again.

Forget the arguments on both side of the death penalty.  People are created by God and only God gets to decide when a person leaves this life. 

Yes I understand there's sin and evil in this world and crimes happen. But redemption is so much greater! God is the only One who can transform a heart from the inside out.

Hearts of criminals, hearts of presidents and everyone in between but remember this we are ALL sinners who have broken God's laws. And He is the only One who can save and redeem us.

We are all equal standing before the Cross.

And none of us are more guilty or less guilty than anyone else. We are all guilty before God and the only way to change that is to accept His redemption on the Cross paying the penalty for our "crimes" of sin. 

We are all either lost sinners or sinners already saved by the mercy of Christ.

Let's all remember that.

#deathpenalty #Redemption #Mercy