Saturday, September 24, 2011

DO's & DON'Ts of Mentoring Prisoners By Mail

DOs & DON'Ts:

DO write on a regular schedule, at least once a month or more.
DO write carefully! THINK about what you will say in your letter. Be careful using certain words,
  such as "love", in order not to cause a major misunderstanding. Make sure to make it clear you are
  writing in Christian "love" & friendship, NOT romantic love. If you are married, talk about  your spouse
  in  your letters. Have your spouse read your letters before you mail, if they desire, so everything is open &
DO keep CHRIST in your letters! While you can certainly discuss other things as hobbies, family interests,
birthdays, parties, church etc. Always bring the Bible into your letter! You might even want to share Bible
study between you and the prisoner you write. Select passages to discuss etc.
DO include Christian Bible tracts in your letters,  but nothing larger without permission from the facility.
Many prisons do not allow inmates to receive materials unless its shipped directly from the store or online store.
DO find out their birthday, and be sure to send them a nice card.
DO send Christmas cards, Thanksgiving cards, and other holiday cards to bring some cheer to their day.
DO pray constantly for those you correspond with.
DO enjoy ministering & mentoring prisoners in service to Christ, if you don't enjoy it or feel the Lord calling you to do this, please do not.
DON'T get romantically involved!! 
DON'T send money, stamps, or any other valuables! 
DON'T send any obscene photos or materials period!
DON'T get involved in their legal matters.
DON'T make promises you can't keep!
DON'T give out your personal information, such as banking, SS#, etc.
DON'T stop writing without an explanation to them, because your letters are the highlight of their
  day, & they will worry about you and also wonder what they did wrong even if it was nothing. So please
  if  you have to stop writing for a period of time, please let the inmate know.
DON'T tolerate any obscene language, or sexual talk period! Hardly ever happens, but sometimes it could
  if it does, tell them to stop being offensive or you will have to report them to the warden.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you should have no problems at all, & you will bond with your
inmate & develop a rewarding friendship. 
God bless you for caring for the prisoners, & mentoring them by mail for Christ.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I have written to 2 women on your list and I look forward to writing more. Prayers are diffidently in order . God Bless You and this ministry!

  2. thanks Malinda, there are so many prisoners needing correspondence, not enough volunteers. its a rewarding ministry. and easy to do. appreciate your help so much!!