Sunday, March 4, 2012



I am COMPELLED by JESUS CHRIST to do prison ministry! Not because I have all the answers, or that I am ‘perfect’. I have never served time, yet I have ‘served’ many hours behind the gates, since 1998. Many people ask me how can I go to “THOSE” people! How can I NOT go!? I am COMPELLED by CHRIST! I can’t “not'” go! I MUST!   

  Though I have never done time in a physical cell, I have been in prison…the PRISON of SIN! Needing REDEMPTION by my SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. He paid a FULL PARDON for me on the CROSS, for my FREEDOM. He has FREED me from my self-imposed prison.

   From my BONDAGE to habits, hang-ups & negative behaviors. No longer do I have to LOCK myself behind the DOORS of doubt. No longer do I find myself behind a CELL of CONDEMNATION. I have been RELEASED from the CAPTIVITY of inferiority. By His MERCY & GRACE, I no longer have to believe the lies I tell myself.  JESUS has PARDONED me from personal panic attacks & bouts of anxiety.

     I am COMPELLED to go into prison to serve because I know what it is like to LOCK myself away in an invisible CELL—fearful of everything. I understand how it can feel like SECURITY behind the self-imposed  walls. But JESUS CHRIST breaks down those walls! He tears away the mask I try to hide behind. No, I don’t have all the answers, but I know the One who does.

     No longer do I feel ‘less than’. No longer do I have feelings of not belonging. I belong to Him. From the very first day of stepping onto the prison yard, I knew I BELONGED! Not because of a crime committed or injustice done, but because my ‘SISTERS’ WERE THERE. Even more importantly, JESUS is there!

    I am COMPELLED to go beyond the GATES to visit Him. No longer can I view these women SHACKLED in CHAINS and LOCKED in CAGES and NOT do anything about it! I MUST offer them FREEDOM. I MUST tell them CHRIST has a FULL PARDON waiting for them. I MUST give them the LOVE of CHRIST. I am PASSIONATELY CALLED to go to prison!

    The COMPASSION of CHRIST COMPELS me! I can NOT look away or ignore these women. They have my HEART, I LOVED them even before I met them!  Much time has been spent sharing laughter and joy, prayers and tears with them. Sharing hugs and heartaches, rejoicing in answered prayer and weeping together in many sorrows.

   I am COMPELLED to minister and mentor these female offenders. WHY? Because I too have offended, I have broken GOD’S LAW, I have hurt others with angry words and harsh attitudes. I have OFFENDED GOD by my sins, my sin nature, that is bent toward evil.

    I have been under a DEATH SENTENCE, on DEATH ROW, because of the guilt of my sin. Under heavy JUDGMENT. BUT JESUS……… 

    He is my Defender, my Advocate, my Redeemer. He has taken my place, took my death sentence and gave me life eternal. He has done it all for me and for them! PRAISE THE LORD! Even beyond the GATES, there is FREEDOM in CHRIST! Nothing can separate us from the LOVE of CHRIST, not even RAZOR WIRE!

   I am COMPELLED to go into PRISON, BOUND to these women by the LOVE of CHRIST! His LOVE is NOT BOUND by CHAINS—but He offers Himself freely to all who will come to Him, even those sitting in PRISON CELLS.

   I am BLESSED to go beyond the GATES to watch JESUS through His HOLY SPIRIT as He OPENS their understanding and UNLOCKS their heart and the transformation comes. I enjoy traveling this ROAD to REDEMPTION with them, it’s a POWERFUL JOURNEY!!!



  1. You're heart for prison ministry has always been evident. You're doing what Jesus asked us to do.

  2. I thank god for you. You are doing a great work for the Lord. view my testimony at:
    I will add what you are doing for the lord on my site if you like.

  3. thanks for your nice comments Tim. yes you can add me to your site if you desire to. will view yours as well God bless