Sunday, January 5, 2014

Have You Made The Connection?

Did you know that social media is a tool that you can use to network and meet people all over the world?
Do you have a ministry, an organization, a hobby, or service that interests you?
You can find like minded people thru social media,, you can network and connect with those who need your services... you can even meet many good friends, using social media. 
You can impact the world for Christ .. you can inspire people.. encourage and bring hope to those who read what you have to say.
So have you made the connection yet? That you need to be social networking everywhere you can! That's right, everywhere you can,, not just one little profile on Facebook,, but Twitter; Google+; Blogger; Pineterest; LinkedIn; Stumbleupon; and a host of other online networking sites. As well as creating your own personal websites that you can bring followers to that will connect with you, and find out your services you offer, the things you are interested in etc. I personally have so many sites I have just about lost count..but why do I do that.. because if I am gonna make any kind of impact and make and keep connecting with people I need to be everywhere they are. You can begin today to start the social media adventure and journey with us on the internet highway.. trust me you will enjoy the connections you make along the way.
If you have not made the connection with Letters For The Lord Prison Ministry yet it's because you have not tried,,we are everywhere...make the connection today.
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