Sunday, November 22, 2009


"All the days of my hard service, I will wait until my change comes"
The Bible says we'll be new creatures in Christ. But only Christ can do the changing inside us. We can't change ourselves. Our transformation won't be

"complete" until Jesus returns. Though we strive each day to be more like Him.
Just like the catapillar, that changes into a butterfly. It's a complete change!
The butterfly can't go back!
He has to fly! He is permanently a new creature. He can't crawl back into the
cocoon. In the same way, our old life just doesn't "fit" us anymore.
We can try to go back to the old places & ways but it won't be the same.
Once we've experienced freedom, why try to go back into bondage?
Butterflies are pretty & delicate; graceful & flying free.
Catapillars are stuck in bondage. They spend all their lives preparing to fly
just for the enjoyment of a few weeks of freedom.
Once they are completely tranformed, they can't go back even if they wanted to.

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