Sunday, November 15, 2009

Prisoner Poem: A Branch In Jesus

I want to be a branch in Jesus,
rooted deep in God’s love so pure
walking in my Father’s eternal grace,
I’ll have nothing ever to fear.
Living my life full of love,
I’ll have nothing ever to hide,
if I have my Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ embedded deeply inside.
as I walk my life with God,
I know there’ll be a little rain
it’ll never be more than I can handle
if in my life Christ Jesus does reign.
I long for that eternal day of comfort
to be enfolded in God’s compassion so warm
when upon this battlefield called earth
God’s mighty warriors of angels do swarm.
The One whose embrace I long to feel,
whose shining face I long to see
in His eternal love I’ll live forever
it’s His grace that’s set me free.
       ****Jeffrey Price, 11/15/2009

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