Thursday, August 12, 2010

I MADE ALOT OF MISTAKES! {prisoner article}

Dear Young Self:
I really hate to say it, but you really made alot of mistakes! There was alot of things you should have done differently. I wish I could have gotten to you before you made all those mistakes. I know you regret being so dumb now. You just seemed to think you knew everything, like the world around you owed you something. Well, you were naive, werent you? You realize now, you should have listened to your parents,like the Bible tells you. There is a reason for that. Because you have good parents. They wanted the best for you. Everybody told you not to date that man! They wanted you to date a good Christian man, but did you listen? No! You said 'I know I can change him into a decent man. But you could not change him. You can't change people, they must want to change. But you can encourage them to make changes. But he did not change. He got worse and worse, and made your life hell. But he could care less. But if you only would have listened to mom and dad and everyone else. Not only that but you even dropped out of school. Well, if you would have stayed in school, maybe you might have went to college and could have a good career now, instead of being in prison. But maybe you learned some valuable lessons along the way. But was it necessary to go through all of this to learn what you have? You had a bad attitude, like you deserved something more, and you had everything. You should have been happy. Why did you want to do drugs? Was it really necessary? Imagine if you had decided to use your life for God instead? I know you were shy and felt maybe you could not do anything. But you don't know what you can do until you try. People told you how to live a good life. A moral decent life and that you should sin not. Because sin only brings pleasure for a season. You don't realize how true that is. Like sex with those men. Why not get married? Have one man. I guess you know better than to marry him. You would be better off with anyone else but him. Guess you could have done worse. Then you did drugs and drank alcohol. Maybe it did not seem so bad, at the time, but now you realize that it was. You knew better too.
It is even sinful,not to listen to your parents. If you listen to them, the Bible says you will have a good long life. But you did not listen. You were ingrateful and even unresponsible. You weren't always. But you became that way. You should have been putting others ahead of yourself. That's what God's Word says, to put others first, to love your neighbor as yourself."

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