Thursday, August 12, 2010


{prisoner self talk}
"I wanted to write you this letter and tell you some things I think you should know. Through this life you will be faced with several mistakes and wrong turns, which will no doubt, make you stronger and mold you into the woman God intends for you to become. First, I must warn you, that these things will not be easy and may even push you down so far you will want to give up on yourself, and God as well.
Learn to appreciate even the smallest and simple things in life, stop being in such a hurry to grow up!
Life is to short to rush it. Don't let what others think make you who you are, love yourself and know that true friends won't try to change you for their benefit. Don't try and change others, that can only happen when or if they want it. Learn from your mistakes, but don't hold on to the past. Drugs and alcohol are the devil's tools to make you think that you'll need them to have fun or keep you from hurting. The day you pick up that pipe you are putting a curse on your life. And are in for a hurtful future that will over time control your actions, thoughts, and make you feel like you'll need it to deal with the situations in your life. You need to remember who you are, if this happens. Never forget God gave you life as a gift and the wisdom comes from trials you endure and overcome. Don't forget you were not alone during those times, God does not let you go through these things to hurt you...these lessons makes us stronger. I wanted to write you this letter to encourage you and tell you not to give up will make it. Pick yourself up and move on, because you will become a beautiful person. If there is one thing I could tell  you that might help you it would be...learn to love yourself and don't allow your shortcomings and mistakes to keep you from accomplishing your goals and dreams. Good luck and take baby steps in your life so that what you experience you will learn life's best lessons. Someday these things may help others in some way.
Be a light that shines in a world of darkness.

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