Thursday, August 5, 2010

LOOKING BACK: a woman in prison's perspective..

    Here you are 45 years old, looking back to  your younger years---wild and crazy---doing whatever
you wanted to do, not even considering the consequences of today. Of course, mom and dad don't

realize what they are talking about. They are old and haven't been where I've been. Oh, but they
were talking real stuff to me. IF only I had listened and paid attention, because they truly knew I
was headed down a path of destruction. Kids come along, oh well, just keep doing what you are doing. And don't consider them either. Oh, IF only I had listened! Here today, I sit in prison
doing life without parole, of course, I have beat myself up over and over. I look back  today and see

the changes I could have made. Stayed home, off the drugs, considered others' feelings. Should
have went to rehab, just didn't think I had a problem.
As I sit here, I am a changed woman and care and love who I am. Everything I've been through
has made me a very strong woman. Someone out there is going through what I have been through,
and I can help them to turn down the road to a better life.
 I just thank God for watching over my family,children and myself.

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