Sunday, November 14, 2010

Single Red Rose: inmate poem

   The single red rose has always been a symbol of love, it’s fragrance is that of the breath from the angels above. Beauty so rare that none other can even measure. A gift of mother nature,an abundant treasure. Grown in the sun, caressed by a gentle breeze, silhouetted in the moonlight, sheltered by the trees. For as each day passes; the more beautiful it grows, there is no better gift than that of a single red rose.  ~~Jerry

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When To Pray: inmate poem
   When I can no longer fight the anger, when it feels as if I may explode; if ever in trouble or facing danger, I pray to the Lord to take His hold.
When the pain gets to hard for me to bare; when it feels as if I’m falling apart; I fall to my knees & say a prayer, I  pray to the Lord Jesus, in my heart. When things are good; when my troubles have sank, when the clouds are gone & stars fill the skies; I know I have to pray; someone I need to thank; I again pray to the Lord, with tears in my eyes. ~~Jerry


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