Thursday, December 5, 2013

Records on state prison reforms are released - Tulsa World: Local

Records on state prison reforms are released - Tulsa World: Local

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  1. SEPTEMBER 2013

    Jill and Terry Eckersley are blessed and doing great, we celebrated my 52nd birthday with our dear friends and strategic partners at UCB with team and Jjohn and team. It was such a blessing to be with people who truly love us and celebrate us, not tolerate us! We would encourage you to also live the same. After a time of celebrating over a meal, cake, candles and sharing stories on my way back to our room I was being broadcast via UCBs Hearts Wide Open TV Show. Isn't it amazing now how we can share The Gospel and our testimonies of how Jesus is still in the business of ransoming, healing, restoring and forgiving people?

    I was awoken with the words, Terry's on television last week, I was sharing " it's time to flourish" again via UCB TV God-spots,! We have visited 3 Prisons in the last quarter and seen many people come to faith in Christ and turn there lives over to Him, this has been so moving, exciting, and an honour. We are continuing to visit Prisons, and announce a really exciting initiative. We have produced a DVD That is a resource for Chaplains in UK Prisons to start with. This DVD COVERS salvation, apprenticeship/discipleship and biblical keys I applied to allow Gods great plan unfold in my life, it encourages the viewer to do the same. I will share an endorsement from a Prison Chaplain and JJohn, who I'm an associate minister and he's a coaching/mentoring friend.

    We are also looking forward to meetings across the UK and Europe with bookings now into 2014, you can see these events on section of our website, it would be great to see you at one if you can make it and we are in your area.

    We are pressured for funds to complete this project,!
    £2000.00 needed to start distribution
    Could you please consider and action giving into the DVD initiative, this is an amazing opportunity to help bring a spiritual awakening into our Prisons and the least of these with the Gospel. When God gets hold of someone who needs much forgiveness they really do serve Him then with much love and become world shakers and history makers. You can send cheques, give me a call, donate online, it's safe, secure and through Christian Stewardship Services, we are accountable and transparent.

    You may want to support us on a monthly basis, we/you can get gift aid on all donations.
    Thanks for ALL you ARE and DO, we continue to pray the victory of Jesus and The Cross into every area of your lives.
    It means so much to me to know that you have such a great heart for the Lost the Least and the Broken. Every one of the people that you spoke with the last time you came for a visit felt very blessed and that you really did care for them. Thanks also for the wonderful news re the Chaplains resource pack. Wow, what a blessing.
    May the Lord richly bless you.
    Yours in Christ
    Rev. Shawn Verhey

    Anglican Co-ordinating Chaplain HMP YOI Thorn Cross Arley Road Appletonthorn