Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Meet Ministry Partner...Jesse Martin / Racman Christian Radio

The Story of RacManChristianRadio’s start and Jesse Martin

April 2012
Jesse Martin was working for an Auto Parts Chain when his boss advised him to start a "hobby" to take his mind off of the job; a job that would eat him alive if he did not. Little did Jesse know God would place seven people from around the world to encourage him and provide core support and direction.
RacManRadio was born providing 30 minutes of Christian music and the crazy antics of the RacMan. Within three months popularity grew, but something was bugging TheRacMan.  Why did the Lord lead Jesse to call himself and the station RacMan? Already there were questions about the very name. Jesse went to prayer and felt a very simple explanation to the name given.  R - Reaching A-All for C-Christ! Today: RacManChristianRadio (RMCR)!
Provisions began streaming in through "Pledge Drives.”   With each pledge the Lord led more people to sponsor the move of RMCR.  Soon 30 minutes grew to three Live Broadcasts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Nights every week of the month! The station began to gain a positive reputation with Indie Artists, Labeled Artists, and PR groups.  In 2012, Jesse was able to host artists like Craig James, Jamal Seymour, The Chrisagis Brothers, Turkessa, and more for interviews.
In August 2013, with the worsening of The Rac Man's wife's condition, Jesse was "forced" to leave his day job exchanging a 40-hour week for care of his wife and kids.  This also allowed him to pour himself into the "hobby" which had now become a full-time ministry! In 2013, RMCR was able to bring more artists to the shows for interviews like: Tammy Trent (Premiering Sunny Days), Scott Krippayne, Bryan Duncan (Conversations), Carlton Pearson, Joanna Beasley (Live Loud), Heather Powers, Marthe De La Torre (Premeiring Preludes), Chris Finlayson (Premiering Hope Bridge), Amber Rhoads (Premiering Broken Beautiful), Christina Duane, The Chrisagis Brothers Revisited, J Nicole, and Julie Elias,
RacManChristianRadio broadcasts three to four 3-hour LIVE shows per week and is streaming 24/7 with licensed non-stop music. Today we are reaching around the world with 218 hours of music (and growing), ministry content from Larry W. Robinson, David Rives Ministries, "LightUp with Ken Davis,"  "Get Hope," and Soul Prosper Radio, The Reconstruction with David Thulin, The Sunday Morning Drive, NRT Insider Exclusive, The Dez Childs Radio Show, Radio Distribution access and labels, and RMCR Interviews with music artists, authors, photographers, and anyone who had a story to tell and to lift up the name of Jesus.
With a modest monthly budget and visions to grow our station to minister locally and abroad, we face a challenge each month to move forward. A daily walk of faith if you will. Raising monthly sponsorship has not proven completely effective. Through counsel from friends in the industry, we are seeking fundraising to cover six months’ worth of broadcasting expenses and expansion projects. If the goal is reached, we could effectively pause Quarterly Pledge Drives for 6 months, work on becoming a Non-Profit, promote local and regional concerts, and allow more ministries to broadcast on our station without charge.
Our current budget is $500.00 per month or $3000 per 1/2 year plus an additional $1000.00 for the aforementioned reasons above.  Currently, RacManChristianRadio is reaching approximately 900-1400 people around the world.
The internet's home to eclectic blends of Christian music. Reaching Around the World - Reaching All for Christ!  We ARE RacManChristianRadio.
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