Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Must share this testimony from prison.... 
this is a true story 
At the prison there are many different religious denominations and groups who come to share programs with the women.. The majority of them are Christian groups..they have always been the majority of volunteers who come in. But there are a few other faith groups represented.. 
such as a Muslim woman and sometimes her husband comes to meet with a very small group of women. I have talked to most of the women who attend this woman's service. On average it might be 5-10 who attend and most are not serious about it,, there is only 1 woman who was of that faith before coming into prison, the others attend for the 'extra favors' they might such as extra foods etc.. but most have dropped out. One of the women who was seeking God a few years ago, Christ was calling her and she was seeking what faith group she was suppose to go into. So she dabbled in the Muslim group ..she is now a true Christian believer, but back then she was seeking.. she would attend the Muslim class and try to do the prayers and she would wear the hijab scarf and try to be part of it,, she said though she never felt right about it.. during the prayer times she said she would always pray to Jesus asking Him to show her the right correct way,, and He would convict her about this class that she should not be there etc... one day during the prayer time,,she was not suppose to open her eyes and look at the female instructor ..but she felt compelled by Christ to open her eyes and look at the woman.. while praying to Jesus to reveal to her what really was going on etc.. she glanced at the instructor and saw her eyes ...she said the woman's eyes had changed,, they were like big black marbles,, you could not see her pupils or the white of her eyes they were completely black,, the woman saw her look at her and quickly turned her face away...this inmate woman said she knew at that moment she had looked into the devil's eyes.
though still being a seeker in faith she kept attending this class a couple more times though Christ kept convicting her that she should have nothing to do with it. and a few weeks later, she had attended again and she was then wearing the head scarf hijab and some of the other inmates saw her and was talking with her,,,and they said to this woman don't look right, and she did not understand why they were staring at her..finally they gave her a mirror and told her to look at herself and when she did...her own eyes were totally black,, no pupils or whites of the eyes could be seen! she was shocked, and she said at that moment looking at herself in the mirror she said she knew she was not looking at her own face but that she was looking at the devil and he was looking back at her! long story short ..she stopped going to the Muslim class and completely gave her heart to Christ completely and now knows the right way...and now she warns others to have nothing to do with the devil wherever you find him.

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