Friday, April 5, 2019

Second Chances Do Work!

      President Trump declared April as Second Chances Month.
      Rhonda Jo Bear is the epitome of excellence in all she does, and continues to prove that Second Chances do work!
     I personally met my friend years ago when she was serving time, at the facility where I volunteer. Back then, everyone who knew her, knew she would rise up and do some great work when she was released.
     Rhonda works tirelessly to assist women coming out of prison. She has opened 2 locations of She Brews Coffee Shop, to employ women as soon as they get released.
Giving them income, as well as confidence and security to rebuild their lives. Plus Rhonda has many Aftercare/ Recovery homes to give these women a home, and a safe place to live while they reenter society.
There's not enough time or space here to list all she had done. Rhonda is an advocate seeking to change Oklahoma laws and reform our prison system laws and policies for the better.
      Today Gov. Kevin Stitt declared April 5th, 2019 as Rhonda Jo Bear Day to honor her service to the State of Oklahoma. And the many women she has helped get their lives together and the many volunteers and ministries she networks with to get the work done, we all applaud her for her changed life that has also changed us all by knowing her.

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